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Reduce the judgment you owe by 50%

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~ Judgment Collection Training Course ~

Earn a lot of Money From Home.  Maybe you can even quit your full time job.  Out of work?  You can collect judgments while you are looking for work.

You don't need a college degree to start your judgement recovery training.

You don't have to work for someone else to make money with judgement recovery.

You don't even have to get dressed!
On the days you are doing your mailings and telephone calls, but of course you need to get dressed to go to the local courthouse to get new judgments.

  Judgment Collection is not "get rich quick", but it can be good money, very good money.

Many people say it's a GREAT Judgement Recovery Training Course.

All you really need is a little common sense and some motivation to succeed.

You do not need any kind of permit or collection/collectors license in any of our 50 states to make money with judgement recovery training. (details)


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The is a Complete Step-by-Step Training Course to the Judgment Recovery and Collection business.   You can use to collect on your own judgment and also collect other peoples judgments.  

There are so many landlords that win a judgment against an ex-tenant but the landlord can't collect.  This is where you come in.   This is something that not a lot of people are doing when compared to the number of judgments.

With this bad economy, there are more and more judgments being awarded, but it is NOT the courts job to collect the money for the winner, but it can be your job.   

Each day millions of judgments are awarded in civil court whether its small claims court or district civil court.  The amounts can range from less than $100 to millions such as OJ Simpsons civil judgment.

The problem is that the winner doesn't know how to collect, and this is where you come in.  With the internet there are many ways to investigate the looser (judgment debtor).  Searching for the person and their assets (cars, trucks, real estate (homes, cabins, vacant land, farm land, and businesses) are much easier with the internet.  You usually don't even need to leave home, because most of the work is done by the mail, internet, fax and phone calls.

Yes it is debt collection in a way, but its so much more.   Normal debt collectors are small amounts that they are trying to collect and there isn't any court awarded judgment for the money in normal debt collection.   Having no court awards is one reason debt collectors often take illegal collection actions and harassment.

What makes you stand apart from debt collectors is that you have a court awarded judgment which is a legal document proving debt is owed.  This document can facilitate wage and bank garnishments.

It can be part time Or it can become your full-time profession, earning you much, much more.

As in any business, you need the right tools. That's what this Step-by-Step Course provides.

Real Life Example

Look at this scenario, and put yourself in the position of the
Judgment Recovery Specialist (JRS):  (this happened to me)

Landlord rents an apartment to a tenant.  The tenant damages the property.
The tenant moves out before the lease is over and also without repairing the damage.   The damage and broken lease exceeds the damage deposit.

The landlord takes the tenant to small claims court and wins.   The tenant does not pay and the courts do not ever make the tenant pay.  The landlord does not know how to make the tenant pay.

This is where you come in.   You know how to locate where the tenant works and garnish his wages, locate where he banks and seize the money, put a lien on his home, and take his car to be auctioned.  If the tenant owns a business, you know how to have the sheriff sit there and collect money from the customers at the cash register, make his clients pay you directly instead of him‸and much, much more.

The landlord can assign you his/her judgment.  You then go and collect the money (sometimes including interest too).   You keep the percentage agreed with the landlord.    $5,000 judgment plus interest from Jan 2005 drives up the money owed a year later to $5,154.93  (see for yourself using our calculator).
If you are splitting it 50/50, then you keep $2,577.46 which is great for just a full couple days of work.   If the tenant can not pay all of the $5,154.93 at one time they can pay in installments.  THIS IS GREAT for recurring income without having to do anything else except deposit those monthly checks for your 50%.


Main Judgement Course is 248 pages well written judgment training manual and you can order either or both the printed version and electronic version. 

I'm sure this Step-By-Step Course will get you quickly on the way to becoming a Professional Judgment Recovery Specialist and making some great money. Please let me know!     You know how to reach me.

Customers say that this is a real good Training in Judgment Processing book/system.Testimonials

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Many people ask me that since the judgment is in the winners name, how can you collect on it if isn't in your name, your not a lawyer and your not familiar with how it all works in the first place.

The person who won the judgment can assign the judgment to you with a specific form that I provide on CD.  Once that notarized document is delivered to the courthouse then it is just like your judgment - meaning you can collect on it just as if your the original winner of the judgment. 

There is also a 2nd form that I provide you on CD that spells out how to split the money you collect between you and the winner (judgment creditor), but this doesn't get sent to the county.   Many times it can be a 50-50 split, but if its a person who might have more judgments in the future you might want to accept a smaller percentage in exchange for possibly getting future ones to collect on.

This Step-by-Step Course that will take you through from novice level to the advanced level .

I think this is the most comprehensive and up-to-date course available anywhere.

Judgment Recovery courses have been available for many years, but some are really a joke (many are).

When I started my own business -- I started it as a landlord where I owned 6 hours of which 5 were rentals. I then had a tenant move out and didn't pay their final water/sewer bills so I sued them in small claims court, but they never paid until I garnished their wages from Pizza Hut. Other courses on the internet are tailored only for the beginning phase of your business.

I know you can outgrow this beginning phase in a short time. This is why I designed his Step-by-Step Course to include comprehensive advanced materials as well. This is the only course geared for the average person that starts with step one and takes you carefully through each of the professional procedures you will likely encounter.


What does the training system and course include?

Everything is on CD ROM, Flash Drive or download (the main course, forms, notes, software, documentation, examples). 

I have a short one page summary of the entire process included to give you an overview. The main training course is a Step-by-Step instructions on how to put someone else's judgment into your name and collect on it. Shortcuts and steps to find judgments from your home or office.

An option you always have is to create Web site for your business. You can literally get up and running in a day. I can do this for you too. (template)

How to tell which ones are the best to try to collect on?

Step-by-step procedures: from novice/beginners to advanced full type judgment collectors on how to enforce (collect) on the judgment.

Also ...
Full instructions for setting up a home office—step by step. How to hide/spoof your telephone number on their caller id, how to get a free voice mail and free fax and much more....

Links to many, many websites that can find assets, bank accounts, employers.

Judgment Collection training course

Please note: While judgment enforcement laws are similar from state to state, some states are better for this business than other states.


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